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Online Deaf Web Directory for North Carolina

Movie Theaters Captioned and other ASL Media Resources
CC = Closed Captioning, OC = Open Captioning
RWC = Rear Window Captioning
DVS = Descriptive Video Service

AMC Theaters
Key in your zip code to find a captioned movie near you

~ NEW ~, dynamically lists captioned (Open or RWC) movies in your area based on
the location of your your computer.

Cineplex's website does not have a list of movies that are captioned, however, if you see CC, OC, or RWC in their advertising or posters then they are captioned. CC theaters have LED devices that are attached to the cup holders in your chair so you can read the CC. We don't think they have theaters in North Carolina at this time.

Clearview Cinemas does not have a theater in NC but their website explains how WGBH developed the captioning systems for movie theaters.

Described and Captioned Media Program
There is no cost for registration and no user fees for downloading movies & videos or you can have DVDs shipped to you Currently there are 4,000 free-loan  described and captioned media titles available.
Funding provided by the U.S. Department of Education and is
Administered by the National Association of the Deaf

Epic Theatres of Hendersonville

Galaxy Theater in Cary
Frequently shows foreign films with English subtitles

OIC Channels
Exclusive American Sign Language (ASL) video news and entertainment

Regal Entertainment Group

(Regal Movie Theaters)
Main page - NC page

The following theater chains with MoPix systems do not yet list MoPix-accessible film information online: Carmike Theatres and Stone Theatres.

Some theaters also offer an email updates that you can join so they can tell you about their schedules. OC films are often available for one theater of a multi-plex, and sometimes they may only be available for an occasional showing at odd times.

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May 04, 2014

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